Finding the Real SJW’s: A Time Traveling Adventure with the Omniscient Skeptic

via IFTTT Gamergate, Atheism+, Anita Sarkeesian, and more are all the result of the evil SJW’s but where are these elusive creatures? Who are the real SJWs that incorporate all the selfish millennial trappings that they are accused of having. Is it Anita Sarkeesian? Big Red? Rebecca Watson? Steve Shives? Myself? Just who are these people and why are they so hated? Today we’re hoping in my time machine and taking a trip through the various stages of YouTube politics and the Atheist Movement. Join me, the Omniscient Skeptic, on this adventure.

Depression Quest:

Wikipedia Article of Depression Quest: (Shared for Sources)


Tropes Vs Women in Video Games Playlist:

Richard Dawkins Dear Muslima:

Interview with Big Red:

Blog By Martin Hughes on the Amazing Atheist:

More links found in the cards.

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