God, You’re So Reactionary!

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If there is one thing that I’ve noticed since coming out as trans is that no matter what I do, I’m accused of being reactionary. It doesn’t matter how many transphobic comments are thrown my way, the second I respond, if I show any emotion whatsoever, I’m deemed as being reactionary. This happens so often that at one point I thought maybe I am just being reactionary, yet then I started looking back at my past.

See, since coming out as trans my on-line persona has changed very little. I still speak out when someone says something inappropriate, I’m still very far left, and I still have strong views. The one thing that has changed is that now I’m seen as a trans person speaking out instead of simply being seen as outspoken atheist. While it was perfectly acceptable for me to get emotional and go after religious bigots as an atheist, it’s no longer acceptable when I go after transphobic bigots, what gives?

So what has changed? Well, when I was simply an outspoken atheist I was seen as a man, and due to this I believe I’m a victim of an unwritten form of misogyny. You see being non binary I do not associate with being male or female, but this means something different to many people, I’m now less than a man, an so I’m expected to shut up, keep to myself, and not speak up when someone attacks me or others close to me.

Do I believe that my experience is similar to misogyny against women? No, you see I still express as mostly masculine and so I don’t believe that men see me as the opposite of them but simply as something that is slightly less than them. To be honest I considered not writing this article because I know that someone is going to put words into my mouth and claim that I am saying more than I am. Do I think I’m receiving the worst of the worst treatment, of course not, but there has been a change in the way people treat me since I came out as non binary. It’s something that’s been on my mind.

In the end I’m still the loud and outspoken person I’ve always been, yet now it’s a problem when in the past it wasn’t and to me that’s strange…

Anyway, Have a great week!

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